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Would you like to be a vendor?

We are always looking for new vendors. You can download a copy of the vendor application form below and send it along with payment to:

Vintage Trains & Toys

602 Grand St.

Mechanicville, NY  12118

Frequently asked vendor questions

1) Tables are $35 each and are 8 foot long.


2) We ask that vendors bring tablecloths as it creates a more professional impression.


3) Arrive and set up in a timely manner. We will make arrangements to have the doors open by 7am.


4) The show runs from 9am until 3pm. Don't start to break your tables down before 3pm. We scheduled the show to be an hour longer to allow attendees to come a little later and shop longer. We believe that this will translate into more sales for the vendors.


5) Please refrain from using profanity and vulgar language (the show promoters are exempt from this).


6) Please respect the space and table layouts of vendors near you. Give your fellow vendors enough room to move around.


7) FREE coffee and donuts will be provided to the vendors prior to show.

Contact Us:

Doug Bafaro

(518) 879-6341

Jeff Stedge

(518) 852-7725

Click on PDF icon to download

vendor application

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